Natural Penis Enlargement Secrets

Today, there is a widespread belief that a large penis is essential to an enjoyment of sex. That’s why many men are looking for a safe way to increase the size of their penis. Meeting this need can come through certain food substances that can give natural penis enlargement.

First and foremost, it has to be clearly stated that surgery is not the best bet for enlargement of penis. Generally speaking, every form of medical care has its side effects.

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Therefore, alternative medicine should be sought. It is worthy of note that the safest alternative medicine for penis increase is not that of herbs, but rather that of natural dieting substances coupled with genital exercise.

Here are simple tips on natural penis enlargement if you still want to do it.

1. Dieting Plan

Two of the dieting substances that are believed to stimulate hormonal production for penis enlargement are:
a.    Carrot
b.    Onion
Add more of them to your meal. Carrot is a fruit and so there is no limitation to eating as much as you like. Eat it from time to time, taking 3 to 5 pieces per day for a few weeks.

Spice your meal with onion. However, don’t let it be in excess but just enough as you would do for a normal meal. The idea is that, if possible, let it be in every meal you take. For best result, eat some slices of uncooked onion with your rice, salad, etc.

2. Genital Exercise

This is a complementary effort to the above stated dietary plan. Tell your wife to help you stroke your penis slightly along the shaft. The massaging should be mild and gentle. The purpose is for ejaculation but to build up the muscles of the penis. The massage could last for as long as you do not ejaculate.

If you sense it that ejaculation is near, tell to stop stroking it. You would feel some tension at that instant because of the rapid gushing of blood flow in the blood vessels along the length of the penis. That is what makes the penis to pulsate. Just lie down to rest or sit still in a place until it goes flaccid itself.
Do this genital exercise once per day. You are free to have sex with your wife at any other time. As for this genital exercise, it is without intercourse and ejaculation.

Moreover, the above tips for natural penis enlargement may not be effective for all men. Nevertheless, young men and middle-aged men are more likely to see definite changes in the size of their penis. After few weeks, you should see changes. Once again, it is not advisable to opt in for surgery.