Fear And Cancer: Maybe The Answer In Itself!

Before we go further, two facts: one simple and one sad…

The simple fact is that cancer does not have to be a death sentence.
Fear can very easily create the condition we commonly call cancer. The long term effect of chronic fear on the immune system is extremely bleak because the results are extremely damaging. Realistically, mammals all develop cancerous cells throughout their lifetime but they remain unaware of this fact because the immune system recognizes the threat and eliminates it.

Basically, the immune system does its job by becoming aware of a threat and neutralizing it. The relationship between fear and cancer is basically the relationship between fear and the immune system. Chronic fear depresses the immune system and then the immune system is not capable of dealing with the threat. The threat then blossoms and becomes cancer as we know it.

The increased access to information over the last three-quarters of a century has caused the fear level of the public to skyrocket. Many things used to occur on the other side of the world which could have been cause for alarm. Because it took a week or more for news to travel around the world, however, we didn’t hear about most of it. Now we have immediate access to detailed information about the smallest problem in a tiny village in Africa.

Combine this fact with the global economy that has been built around the industries of cancer and disease. Suddenly, we have an environment where fear is a basic living condition for a large segment of the population. We also have an industry which thrives on the despair created by fear. There is very little difference between promoting the products created by these industries and peddling fear to the public. Rationally, these industries may not even intend to create this fear in the public, they are simply pushing their wares like any other organization. The end result, however, is the same: the creation and maintenance of worldwide fear culture.

Fear and cancer are insidious together, because cancer is seen as a fairly random threat. While there are certain factors that we do control, most people view the threat as something that strikes people for reasons we don’t understand and can’t explain.

Add to this whole mix the fact that cancer is supposedly incurable. This belief, more than any other factor, is responsible for the ravages of cancer in our society. The medical community at large must embrace the fact that cancer is not incurable; it just isn’t something that pharmaceutical drugs and hospital visits can cure. As soon as a patient hears that they have cancer, but it’s curable and here are the steps to follow…we’ll see an amazing turn around in the instances of fatal cancer in this world.

Because the medical community is unwilling and unable to do this, it’s up to the patient to explore other options. These options exist for you and have an incredibly better track record than the standard cancer therapies. These treatments are non-toxic and highly successful, two things that cannot be said about traditional cancer treatment.

How to get best result out of PhenQ UK Slimming Pills

PhenQ UK is one of the most popular slimming pills. Most people in need to shed extra fat go for this pill. This is as a result of the effective manner in which the weight loss capsule works. Within a short period, sometimes as few as 10 days, significant weight loss is observed. The pill also contains very few side effects.

If proper usage practice is observed, the side effects are easily manageable. However, failure to follow usage instructions can be harmful. Side effects experienced due to this improper usage can vary from mild to severe. This will obviously depend on the individual. The pills are only effective when used in the correct manner.

See how people use Phenq in UK for best results

Advice for getting best result

When taking any kind of pills, it is always recommended that you follow the dosage instructions to the letter. This slimming pill also demands the same. It is recommended that one pill should be taken in the morning, just before breakfast. Another pill should be taken just before taking lunch.

This dosage should be followed for each day. One glass of water should be used each time you swallow the pill. Most importantly, you should never take more than a single pill at any given time. Most people make this mistake when they miss a lunchtime pill or even the morning pill. Taking more than a single pill could trigger occurrence of side effects. [ref]

Safety Measures to be Observed Before Taking PhenQ

While taking PhenQ slimming pills, it is recommended that you also observe a proper diet. The pill will be more effective when used together with a low calories diet.What is Phenemine?


Regular exercises are also recommended to accompany the usage of the pill. A combination of the three practices will bring in desirable results fast. It is important to mention that doctor’s advice should be sought before using the pill with any other medication.

Reliable car body repair center

Personal Injury Lawyer, Spohrer & Dodd warns that it can be crucial to understand all you can about the intricate environmental and genetic factors that may impact traumatic brain injuries and lead to permanent psychological issues in some veterans and not in other military members. Our brain is terribly fragile and easily exposed to a host of injuries. More than one hundred thousand people a year are diagnosed as permanently disabled as a result of brain damage. Brain injury due to more than one injuries is officially as CTE.

Veterans and civil servants in combat zones are at a greater risk for being diagnosed with traumatic brain injury as a result of shock waves from makeshift bombs. Traumatic brain injury reports Injury Board Blog is estimated to affect twenty-percent of the over two million veterans to war zones. But, the permanent health problems of blast exposure have not been documented.

It can be crucial to know how a lawyer will bill you for legal fees. Every insurance company has experienced investigators that they dedicate to settle an injury case. But, the at-fault’s insurance company’s representatives are not the friends of the injured party and their primary goal is to avoid restitution to an accident victim like you. Negligent injuries are one of the primary causes of deaths in the United States. There are many law offices furnishing free legal services before restitution is obtained, so seek legal guidance. Following an accident, obtaining medical attention for you or an injured loved one ought to be your initial concern.


Before you seek a personal injury lawsuit check the law firm’s track record for settling lawsuits like yours to increase your opportunities for receiving full restitution. Aggressive insurance carriers customarily believe a victim will forfeit their position and go along with whatever compensation is offered. Many injured victims ignore the advice of an experienced attorney because of an absence of legal procedures.

Most accident lawyers offer a no-cost, no-obligation case review, that way you do not have to concern yourself worry about having money to spend. A reputable injury lawyer will skillfully navigate case through the negotiation or litigation process, documenting the legal basis for the case while quantifying the awards to which the victim is due. A way to protect your legal right is obtaining a just restitution when you’re hurt due to an accident. Money can’t restore health or return a loved one to a grieving family but it will help eliminate a lot of the pecuniary responsibilities.

There are many questions that arise in the mind of the people while picking up the auto body repair shop. Given below are some of them. You can search for collision repair orlando at

Many body shops out there are seeking unsuspecting customers and ways to pad their bottom dollar. Very often body shops will offer the minimum price because they know this can attract customers. Unfortunately, from a customer standpoint choosing the minimum price is not always the way to go.

Repairing your vehicle is always as to what you get in return. Nowadays, body shops continue to push the limits in their customers to see how a lot more they can get away along with. At this point the body shop knows precisely what they’re doing. Is the customer to find out the better?

A solution that’s been picking up a great deal of traction recently is hiring a third party to assist you in that area. There are a few good car wreck consultants out there that will help figure out what’s being wear your vehicle and how your vehicle’s being repaired.

Another way is looking for a detailed report of the effort being put into the auto and reviewing the warranty your shops offers. When you enter an accident, insurance gives you an assessment of the damages; take a look at the sheets and review to see what product they’ve listed for use.

Auto Body Shops sporadically will make an effort to use cheaper parts to bring in more money. Requesting the use of what’s listed on your insurance assessment is not unusual all of which will help protect against this. In relation to warranties, most legitimate body shops can have an extensive warranty and prepare their work.

Dealing with car collision repair is not a very pleasant experience. If you get into an accident, you must anticipate getting your vehicle repaired by choosing the best collision auto body repair outlet.

Here are some easy steps that can assist you to choose a good and reliable car body repair center.


First, ask your reliable friends, family, and also co-workers about their experience of car repair shops.  Also, read people’s comments from online review sites about their opinions or good and bad experience with local collision repair shops. It is imperative that you check the reputation of the auto repair shop. Verify any complaints against the auto body repair shop in the BBB and see if they give warranties. For bumper repair orlando, contact http://www.colorrecon.com/bumper-repair/ and get the repair done at an affordable price.

Talk with your insurance corporation. You first might want to consider talking with your insurance corporation. Insurance providers usually have partnership agreements with local repair stores. Ask for any recommendation and they’re going to offer you a list of competent collision centers. However, also consider references from outdoor sources.

Evaluate price quotes among different repair shops first. Most collision repair shops will readily supply you with cost estimates. This will determine the degree of damage control that really needs to be done on your car. When you get an estimate, try calling local auto body repair centers and get the estimate for the repairs.

Natural Penis Enlargement Secrets

Today, there is a widespread belief that a large penis is essential to an enjoyment of sex. That’s why many men are looking for a safe way to increase the size of their penis. Meeting this need can come through certain food substances that can give natural penis enlargement.

First and foremost, it has to be clearly stated that surgery is not the best bet for enlargement of penis. Generally speaking, every form of medical care has its side effects.

MaleExtra – When You Need to Boost Your Male Power

Therefore, alternative medicine should be sought. It is worthy of note that the safest alternative medicine for penis increase is not that of herbs, but rather that of natural dieting substances coupled with genital exercise.

Here are simple tips on natural penis enlargement if you still want to do it.

1. Dieting Plan

Two of the dieting substances that are believed to stimulate hormonal production for penis enlargement are:
a.    Carrot
b.    Onion
Add more of them to your meal. Carrot is a fruit and so there is no limitation to eating as much as you like. Eat it from time to time, taking 3 to 5 pieces per day for a few weeks.

Spice your meal with onion. However, don’t let it be in excess but just enough as you would do for a normal meal. The idea is that, if possible, let it be in every meal you take. For best result, eat some slices of uncooked onion with your rice, salad, etc.

2. Genital Exercise

This is a complementary effort to the above stated dietary plan. Tell your wife to help you stroke your penis slightly along the shaft. The massaging should be mild and gentle. The purpose is for ejaculation but to build up the muscles of the penis. The massage could last for as long as you do not ejaculate.

If you sense it that ejaculation is near, tell to stop stroking it. You would feel some tension at that instant because of the rapid gushing of blood flow in the blood vessels along the length of the penis. That is what makes the penis to pulsate. Just lie down to rest or sit still in a place until it goes flaccid itself.
Do this genital exercise once per day. You are free to have sex with your wife at any other time. As for this genital exercise, it is without intercourse and ejaculation.


Moreover, the above tips for natural penis enlargement may not be effective for all men. Nevertheless, young men and middle-aged men are more likely to see definite changes in the size of their penis. After few weeks, you should see changes. Once again, it is not advisable to opt in for surgery.